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ESRC Sponsored seminar: Criminalizing Contagion – legal and ethical challenges of disease, transmission and the criminal law

In 2013, Meetings on September 10, 2013 at 7:00 am

Today we are exploring ideas around the legal and ethical challenges of disease, transmission and the criminal law, during the second in a four part series of seminars funded by the ESRC on Criminalizing Contagion, a joint project between Southampton Law School and Manchester Law School, led by David Gurnham, Catherine Stanton and Hannah Quirk.

In the morning session, Dr John Coggon spoke on ‘Epistemic and communicative duties in public health ethics’, followed by Prof Maggie O’Neill of Durham Uni speaking on ‘Transgressive imaginations: sex work, abjection and contagion.’ The final part of the opening session was a paper by the BBC South Health Correspondent David Fenton, who gave us an insider’s take on the media & reporting in his paper on ‘Reporting pandemics – a perspective from inside the Newsroom.’ All papers gave rise to an engaging, interesting and lovely round of questions and discussion, which continued over lunch.

This afternoon’s session on ‘Evaluating Law’s Responses’ will begin with
Dr Lucy Stackpool-Moore, SOAS, on ”The intention may not be cruel … But the impact may be’: understanding the legislators’ motives and wider public attitudes to a draft HIV Bill in Malawi’, followed by Mr Peter Greenhouse, Consultant in Sexual Health and BSHH, Media Committee Chairman, speaking on ‘Herpes and the Law: a misuse of process?’.

It has been a fascinating day, and it will be very interesting to see how the project unfolds in the final two seminars in the series. More news on that here in the future!