HEAL UoS ~ The Centre for Health, Ethics and Law (HEAL) at the University of Southampton is an inter-disciplinary network exploring the nature of law, its processes of production and impact on society through examining specific examples in health law and ethics. The network was established in 2005 through the efforts of Prof. Jonathan Montgomery (now at UCL) and Dr. Caroline Jones.

In the Law School the core HEAL group has since expanded to include Prof. Hazel Biggs, Dr John Coggon, Dr David Gurnham, Dr Remi Nwabueze; and from September 2013, Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning and Dr A.M. Viens, and in September 2014, Dr Claire Lougarre.

The Director of HEAL is Dr. A.M. Viens and the Deputy Director is Dr. Claire Lougarre.  Together they run the centre, drawing together a range of scholars and practitioners from different disciplines to build upon the broad range of expertise in the field of health care within the University and across local health care services. We arrange lunchtime seminars on topical subjects, workshops, and liaise with colleagues and peers to discuss and coordinate responses to public consultations in the field of health ethics and law.

Our aims?

  • To foster and further develop productive collaborative relationships across the University and local NHS community;
  • to break down traditional disciplinary boundaries within health law and ethics;
  • to regularly contribute to consultations and debates informing policy-making within this field;
  • initially to develop a nationally recognised interdisciplinary body of academics and health care professionals (many HEAL members occupy both ‘positions’ ~ scholar and practitioner),
  • with the ultimate aim of achieving an internationally recognised network whose ‘reach’ goes beyond the local and national borders we inhabit.

You can also follow us on Twitter:  @HEALUoS   (http://twitter.com/#!/HEALUoS)

nb. Nothing in this blog is intended to constitute or be taken as legal advice, nor does it seek to provide such guidance. We cannot take responsibility for any reliance you may place on the contents of this blog. If you need legal advice and assistance please contact a qualified solicitor, local CAB office and/or your union (if relevant).

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