To Think, To Write, To Publish: Workshop

In 2012 on May 28, 2012 at 8:09 am

The Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes (CSPO) at Arizona
State University was recently awarded a generous grant from the
National Science Foundation (NSF) in order to conduct the second
iteration of a first of its kind workshop, “To Think, To Write, To
Publish,” founded on these very ideas.

Writers of all kinds as well as science, innovation and policy
scholars are invited to apply to this competitive program where they
will learn sought after literary techniques and publish their work in
a collection of creative nonfiction essays that makes science,
innovation and policy scholarship accessible to a larger audience
using creative nonfiction techniques.  Completed essays will be
published in various venues including a special book published by an
imprint of the Creative Nonfiction Foundation.

The Workshop is an all expenses paid, two-part event, offering
participants an honorarium upon completion of the program. The first
part of the workshop will take place in Washington, DC in early
October 2012 and the second in Tempe, Arizona, mid-May 2013 (nice
weather is expected!).

The application deadline is June 15, 2012.  More information is
available at:  www.thinkwritepublish.org or http://cspo.org/projects/think-write-publish/.

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