Current Legal Issues: Law and Global Health

In 2012, Meetings on May 21, 2012 at 8:00 am

The UCL Current Legal Issues: Law and Global Health programme for July 2-3, 2012, is now available here, and also with booking details/form, here. For the uninitiated this is the Annual Current Legal Issues Inter-Disciplinary Colloquium at the Faculty of Laws, UCL – these international colloquia have run since 1996 on a variety of topics, overseen by Prof. Michael Freeman.

This year’s colloquium is convened by Prof Freeman together with Dr Sarah Hawkes (UCL Institute of Global Health) and Professor Belinda Bennett (University of Sydney). The keynote speech will be delivered by Prof. James Orbinski (University of Toronto, see further info here). Further info about the speakers is available, as are the abstracts.

There is a bit of a HEAL Law team effort for this colloquium as Hazel and Caroline are giving a paper on ‘Vulnerability as a Legal Concept’, and John Coggon is speaking on  Global Health, Law, and Ethics: Human Interests, Fragmented Sovereignty, and the Limits of Universalism (John is joining us at Southampton later this year), and Jonathan Montgomery is chairing a session on Global Health Law.


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