Who wants to be an expert bioethicist? Applications wanted

In 2012 on March 15, 2012 at 6:19 pm

The Department of Health is looking to recruit a chair and members to a new expert committee to provide advice on bioethics, the Emerging Science and Bioethics Advisory Committee (ESBAC).  It says that ESBAC will be the main UK advisory body on the wider implications of developments in bioscience and its impact for health when it is established as an expert committee on 1 May 2012. It will provide advice to UK health departments on emerging healthcare scientific developments and their ethical, legal, social and economic implications.

Under its Terms of Reference,

The purpose of ESBAC is to provide expert advice to support policy development and priority setting. The committee will operate in accordance with best practice for advisory committees with regard to openness, transparency, accessibility, timeliness and exchange of information. Work will include:
• horizon scanning to identify developments in health related biosciences and biotechnologies;
• analyse new and emerging health related biosciences and biotechnologies and provide advice on:
        o their likely impact on human health and healthcare;
        o their social, ethical, legal and economic implications;
• providing a forum for the consideration of issues that cut across the remit of more than one interest group, government department or UK country;
• detailed consideration of specific issues related to emerging health related biosciences and biotechnologies as requested.

Applications need to be in by noon on 4 April 2012. Forms are available at the link above.

The Committee is expected to provide a broad spectrum of expertise, not only in health related biosciences and biotechnology, but also in medical, social, ethical, legal, commercial and public communication issues. Members are sought to cover the following broad disciplinary categories: Social sciences and the Humanities,Law, Economics, Industry, Science in Society (media, journalism, public engagement) and Biosciences and Biotechnology. 



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